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Guto Requena 3D Printed Designs Based on Urban Sounds in Sao Paulo

Guto Requena Sao Paolo 3D Printing

Guto Requena is one of Brazil’s most innovative up and coming architects. His work is based on the ever-evolving world of communication and technology, reflecting how these new advancements affect us.

Requena was recently profiled in the i.materialise blog.

As a little child Guto Requena always dreamed about architecture. Then finally, when he started studying architecture he became more and more interested in digitalism and technology. At this moment  he is one of the most innovatist architects of Brazil  and with his studio Estudio Guto Requena he tries to push the projects he really wants to do.

For this collection he uses these former iconic designs as basics but reforms the digital models by using recorded cityvoices, urban sounds,…etc. through a computer program. He recorded these noises in different neighborhoods on the streets of São Paulo. The eventual designs were 3D printed at Materialise and are references to the beautiful hidden places in São Paulo’s neighborhoods.

Below is a video of an interview with Guto Requena.