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3D Printing News

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Buttercup the Duck Gets 3D Printed Prosthetic Foot and a Facebook Page

Buttercup Duck 3D Printed Foot

Prosthetic Duck Foot Designed Using 3D Printing

Buttercup is a lucky little duck. He was born in November 2012 with a backwards foot, a disability that could have resulted in a short life, were it not for his owners who designed and 3D printed a prosthetic foot. It’s an amazing story.

From birth Buttercup was disabled with a backwards foot. As he grew, it was clear that this was going to impair his ability to survive.

Buttercup Duck 3D Printed Foot

After having surgery to remove the foot, Buttercup had just a little stump of a leg. His owner Mike Garey decided to turn to 3D printing to create a new limb for the duckling. As a software engineer, Garey used Autodesk 3D modeling software to design the new foot based on photos of Buttercup’s other foot and photos of Buttercup’s sister’s foot.

Buttercup Duck 3D Printed Foot

Garey partnered with NovaCopy, a 3D printing reseller located in Tennessee, to 3D print the foot, or really a sock shaped like a webbed foot that would ultimately be used to create a mold for the final prosthetic.

Buttercup Duck 3D Printed Foot

Needless to say, Buttercup is happy little duck that he is so well taken care of. His owners have published a Facebook page where you can follow Buttercup’s story in great detail. The page currently has over 8,000 likes!