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Toddler Emma Fitted With 3D Printed Magic Arms

Emma Magic Arms 3D Printing

Two-year-old Emma was born with a rare condition called arthrogryposis multiplex congenita. This disorder greatly limited her muscle movement in her arms. 3D printing technology provided a magic solution.

After researching the disease, Emma’s parents attended a medical conference where they learned about the Wilmington Robotic Exoskeleton (WREX). Emma was able to try out a version of the WREX at the hospital, but she was too small for the bulky metal arms.

In order to design a version for Emma that would both fit her and weigh significantly less, the researchers used the Stratays Dimension 3D printer to build pieces of the arms out of the same type of plastic that’s used in LEGOs. The pieces snap together and resistance bands are used to adjust the tension on the two arms.

Watch the video below for Emma’s story.


Via Digital Trends.

3D Printing for Kids – Kickstarter Project PotteryPrint Fails to Raise Funds

3D Printing for kids: it’s a noble and imaginative concept. Just as other disciplines, from math to basic science to foreign language, are being introduced to children at a young age, there could be many educational benefits to giving kids a hands-on 3D printing toolset.

The team at PotteryPrint launched a Kickstarter project to raise $12,000 to build an iPad app where kids could design pottery that would be 3D printed. Unfortunately, only $6,000 was raised by the deadline.

Why Did It Fail to Raise Funds?

First, perhaps the focus on pottery is too much of a deviation from the core developments in 3D printing today. Pottery is a decorative art, and pottery pieces can be quite fragile. 3D printed objects in production today are mostly utility, though some are art, but all are made from commercial polymers to ensure durability.

Second, the key deliverable of this Kickstarter project was the iPad app. What will truly drive kids education in 3D printing is access to printers, not access to software. The PotteryPrint concept outsources the 3D printing itself, thereby removing that hands-on experience from the educational cycle.

I hope PotteryPrint resubmits a new project with a promise to make 3D printing as accessible as its design software.

Below is their Kickstarter pitch.