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Will Amazon Adopt 3D Printing to Improve Manufacturing?

Amazon 3D Printing

Will Amazon adopt 3D printing and actually manufacture goods they sell? That’s the question discussed in an article at the Commerce Times.

Why would Amazon be interested in 3D printing? My guess that Amazon might be interested is because it is currently adding warehouses throughout the United States with a not-so-long-term goal of being able to offer same-day delivery to its customers. With warehouses strategically located throughout the country, it would be able to set up 3D printing facilities within them, thus making three-dimensional products (manufactured products) conveniently available to major population centers.

With 3D printing, Amazon would merely have to “manufacture” products as the orders come in: no inventory, no storage, and no fuss. This would be somewhat similar to how Amazon revolutionized the publishing business. With 3D printing, Amazon could conceivably become the leader of another Industrial Revolution.