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Top 3D Printing Headlines Last Week: Retail, Stem Cells, Piracy, NPR

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A roundup of the top news On 3D Printing brought you from February 5 to February 10:

Tuesday, February 5

Wednesday, February 6

UK Retailer Sainsbury’s Sees Disruption to Retail in 3D Printing

Sainsburys Retail 3D Printing

Sainbury’s IT director Rob Fraser sees a disruptive shift on its way, thanks to 3D printing. Speaking at BETT, the UK’s largest trade fair for education technology, Fraser commented on the potential impact 3D printing would have on retail.

“We have to prepare for the fact that consumers may soon not want to buy pre-packaged iPhone cases of the shelf, but build and design their own,” said Fraser. ”The big challenge is we don’t know what’s coming but we have to prepare for it. Technology is changing at a rate we can’t predict, and if we can predict it, it’s already been established. The technologies we can’t predict will be with us in five years’ time.”

Sainsbury’s Fraser told UK publication V3 to expect more information about its 3D printing plans later this year.


Via V3.co.uk.

Sainbury’s photo by nogger used under Creative Commons license.