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Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show Features 3D Printed Lingerie

3D Printed Dress Victoria's Secret

3D printing took center stage at the Victoria’s Secret fashion show last month. Victoria’s Secret turned to architect Bradley Rothenberg to design the wings for supermodel Lindsay Ellingson to wear on the catwalk.

In an interview with Shapeways, Rothenberg explained his inspiration:

My first thought was to come up with a system for generating fractal snowflakes. We used processing as a tool to sketch different organizations of snowflakes & how different fractal organizations allow a shift from small textile-like snowflakes to larger structural snowflakes.   We needed to come up with our own underlying system for making 3D snowflakes.

Bradley Rothenberg Victoria's Secret 3D Printing

Rothenberg thinks 3D printing can be a game-changer in fashion in general.

“I think that 3D printing has a big possibility to change the industry as a whole,” he said. “Specifically what we want to do is make wearable 3D-printed stuff available to fashion designers,” Rothenberg told TechCrunch.

Here is supermodel Lindsay Ellingson wearing the 3D Printed creation.

Lindsay Ellingson Swarovski 3D Printed Victoria's Secret Fashion Show

You can see more of Bradley Rothenberg’s work on his website.