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Mixee Labs Launches 3D Printed Slim Wallet Creator

Mixee Labs Slim Wallet

Mixee Labs, a 3D printing startup that lets you create customized 3D printed figurines, cufflinks, and jewelry, has launched a new product, the Slim Wallet.

Slim Wallet is a thin and customizable 3d printed wallet. The wallet is under 1cm thin, and can be used it to hold 3 credit cards, driver’s license, a metro card, and some cash and keys.

What makes this product unique is that it is fully functional straight from the 3D printer. The clasps that holds everything in the wallet cleverly takes advantage of the flexibility and strength of 3d printed nylon plastic. Simply lift up the clasp, slide in your cards in, and everything snaps into place.

This wallet is designed by nxt3d with artwork by Bona Kim.

On Mixee Labs, people can choose from a variety of patterns and embellishments, and even upload their own images or text. More pictures and information on the product page: https://www.mixeelabs.com/creator/slim-wallet.

Mixee Labs Slim Wallet Mechanism