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3D Printed iPhone 4 by CreativeTools.se

“China on your desktop” – Chris DiBona, Google

“In the Next Industrial Revolution, Atoms Are the New Bits” – Wired Magazine

“The biggest thing of all coming in computing lies quite literally out of the box, in making the box.” – Neil Gershenfeld, MIT Professor and author of FAB: The Coming Revolution on Your Desktop–From Personal Computers to Personal Fabrication

The world is embarking on a personal fabrication revolution. Imagine you need a spare part for a home appliance. What if you could download the design and manufacture the part at home? What if you could “print” that part on a desktop machine about the size of your inkjet printer? You can! And people are printing everything today from shoes to creative works of art to high-tech components with a technology called 3D Printing.

Welcome to On 3D Printing! On this site, we will be tracking the emerging 3D Printing revolution and providing resources for you to get involved.

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3D Printed iPhone image used under Creative Commons from Creative Tools.

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