Impact of 3D Printing on Indian Labor Market “Mind-Boggling” [Opinion]

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Churchill Club Debate on Top Trends

Much of the press coverage on 3D printing we feature is from the US and other developed countries. Today, we want to highlight an article from The Economic Times of India.

Arvind Singhal writes an opinion piece for called “The nation must focus on transformational changes around us“, highlighting 3D printing as one of a few changes that will transform the world we know today:

One of the most potentially impactful of these changes is the rapid progress a relatively new technology ’3D printing’ is making. Till a few years ago, 3D printing-based manufacturing was in the realm of a technology that could have applications mostly for defence and industrial prototyping applications.

They have already moved into the realm of mass consumer applications. The possibilities are fascinating and range from printing human organs including complex ones such as kidneys using the recipient’s own body cells, to the elimination of several types of manufacturing with the end consumers directly ‘printing’ at their home things like crockery and cutlery or small home appliances after they have electronically paid for the ‘application’ to the designer and creator of the products.

With dramatic reduction or near elimination of labour from many manufacturing processes the implications are mind-boggling.

The other transformational changes are: the digital age, nanotechnology, and biomedical engineering.


Via The Economic Times of India.

Churchill Club photo from jurvetson used under Creative Commons license.

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