Broadway Shows Get New Mojo with 3D Printed Set Design

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3D Printing Broadway Sets

Broadway set designer Kacie Hultgren is using 3D printing to innovate on how she brings the stage to life.

To realize the vision of a Broadway production, financiers and producers need to see what the set is going to look like, at a miniature scale. Hultgren and others in her profession had always done this the old-fashioned way, through crafting cardboard, paper, and foam core. Now Hultgren is setting a new standard in set design by way of 3D printing.

“The thing about a 3D printer is, it’s almost like having light manufacturing in your house,” Hultgren says. “For small quantities, MakerBot is great. You can test out what’s going to be popular.”

Kacie Hultgren 3D Printing

3D printing technology lets her build full sets to scale and then replicate the models quickly to share with stakeholders. She has worked on shows like John Lithgow’s The Columnist and Hugh Jackman: Back on Broadway.

What’s next? Hultgren has launched her own online store where she sells doll house furnishings.


Via Wired.

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