Video: MIT’s Neri Oxman and Biologically-Inspired 3D Printed Systems

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Neri Oxman BIologically Inspired 3D Printing

MIT Media Lab researchers Neri Oxman and Steven Keating are creating biologically-inspired 3D printing systems.

Oxman explains the mission of their lab, “Our goal here is to explore processes for digital fabrication like 3D printing that are inspired by nature with the belief that we are going to emerge on the other side generating and making things that are more efficient and more effective.”

An MIT news piece covering their work describes how nature can inspire better industrial design:

To illustrate this, Keating uses the example of a palm tree compared to a typical structural column. In a concrete column, the properties of the material are constant, resulting in a very heavy structure. But a palm tree’s trunk varies: denser at the outside and lighter toward the center. As part of his thesis research, he has already made sections of concrete with the same kind of variations of density.

The video below includes interviews with both Oxman and Keating.


Neri Oxman photo by poptech used under Creative Commons license.

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One Response to Video: MIT’s Neri Oxman and Biologically-Inspired 3D Printed Systems

  1. tony jibril says:

    je pense que c’est une réalisation qui va changer notre quotidien et donner à la Science un élan encore plus grand ainsi qu’une avancée fulgurante. Bravo!

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