3D Printing Industry Growth: Forbes Incorrectly Says $52B by 2020

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Infographic How 3D Printing Works Preview

In an article by Forbes contributor Jennifer Hicks, a new high-water mark is set for the expected growth of the 3D printing industry: $52 billion by 2020.

Take for example,  3D printing, a market that’s growing so fast that people can’t keep up. It’s market potential is around $1.3 billion and expected to grow to $52 billion by 2020. That’s a 300 percent growth. The cost of a 3D printer started at $400,000 and today you can get one for around $2,199 (via Makerbot). What if, says Ismail (who incidentally was wearing a 3D printed belt) you combined 3D printing, robots and the housing industry?

Unfortunately that figure is off by a factor of 10. The actual projected industry growth is $3 billion by 2018 and $5.2 by 2020, both figures we published over the last few months. Sorry, Forbes, we would love to see the industry growing to $50 billion, but it probably won’t happen by 2020.


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