Fab Lab of the Week: Barcelona Boot Camp 2012

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Fab Lab Boot Camp Barcelona 3D Printing

This week’s featured Fab Lab is the Digital Fabrication Boot Camp in Barcelona, a program designed to immerse students in hands-on experience to learn, among other technologies, 3D printing.

The newly created Master in Interaction is hosting 8 students from different backgrounds, who will lead a new line of research at IAAC and Fab Lab Barcelona. All IAAC students have access to the Fab Lab machines and equipment, to produce their projects and to learn and interact with the Fab Lab spirit and team. In this sense, the digital fabrication BootCamp for the MAI students has been an intensive experience to introduce them to digital fabrication techniques, through the organization of 3 exercises:

  • Making things move: using the laser cutting machine to design, prototype and fabricate mechanisms which generate or translate movement.
  • Glowing molds: the idea of this exercise was to design and produce molds in polyurethane foam which have been casted with transparent resins, in which lightning features should be embedded.
  • Dynamic scanning and printing: introduction to different 3d scanning methods to 3D print a customized object.

Here is a video from the boot camp posted earlier this week.


More details available at Fab Lab Barcelona.

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