ModelBox 3D: Artists Launch Kickstarter to Bring 2D Images to Life

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ModelBox 3D Kickstarter

ModelBox 3D Brings 2D Images to Life – Crowdfunding on Kickstarter

Here is a completely different take on 3D printing. And a great one.

Artists Laura Krause and Eric Sagotsky are based in LA and describe their profession as “we make art things.” One of their latest projects was a large-scale sliced sculpture. Through experimentation, they came up with a process to develop a physical 3D holograph out of about 28 2D printed images.

The team has turned to Kickstarter with a campaign to raise $30,000 and they are almost halfway there with 23 days to go.

Here’s how they describe the ModelBox 3D:

ModelBox 3D is a fast and affordable 3D display which allows anyone to bring 3D models and 2D designs to life regardless of their technical background. Using the printer that you already own, you can make a full color 3D image that appears to holographically float within an elegant acrylic box. What we provide is a combination of software and hardware. Each kit includes with a frame to hold 28 inkjet or laser printable transparencies and the software to turn your designs into a series of flat layers to print. Together they form a uniquely vibrant full 3D image that’s viewable from both the front and back. ModelBox 3D also comes with access to an online library of print-ready artwork so that anyone with access to a standard printer and a pair of scissors can build one. Whether you use it as fun art project or as an eye-catching functional display, ModelBox 3D is a new reason to dust off your printer and create something truly unique.

ModelBox 3D is completely new art form that gives your existing inkjet or laser printer a new life to create eye-catching 3D images. Whether you want to create a unique interchangeable lamp, show off a new product, or enhance your prototyping and creative development process, using ModelBox 3D does not require any complex technical knowledge to use. Our product finally brings 3D visualization to the masses at a truly affordable price.

Watch the video below to learn more about their Kickstarter campaign.

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