3D Printing LIVE Tradeshow Announced for Santa Clara in November

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3D Printing Live Tradeshow

IDTechEx has announced its inaugural event 3D Printing LIVE which will take place in Santa Clara, CA on November 20-21 2013. This event will be co-located with Printed Electronics USA, the world’s largest event on “the new electronics” whether they are organic or inorganic, printed or not.

This event introduces the 3D Printing community to the Printed Electronics world in a conference with a truly international flavor. Approximately 1800 delegates from across the globe will mingle on the show floor with in excess of 150 exhibitors, gaining access to potential clients and collaborations outside of the “usual suspects” already actively working in each of these rapidly converging areas.

Technology developers will be able to reach new audiences, including some of the largest companies from around the world, and end-users will have a platform to discuss their requirements both current and looking ahead to the future.

Issues of materials, properties and needs will be discussed in a forum attended by many of the most experienced and major material development organisations, many of whom have already demonstrated a significant interest in 3D printing.

Delegates will be able to gain an overview of both the push-and-pull aspects of the markets for these technologies, and presentations from some of the most advanced academic groups working in this field will yield an understanding of the novel techniques and applications that are in the pipeline.

In-depth analysis and forecasts for 3D printing markets will also be presented clearly illustrating the trends and opportunities existing within this exciting and fast paced field.


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  1. Davood Soleymani says:

    Is there a charge for entering the Trade show area?

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