On 3D Printing Selected as Hardware Startups Resource on FounderDating

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On 3D Printing has grown over the last few years to one of the most followed and most read publication in the 3D Printing industry. FounderDating has recognized On 3D Printing as a key resource for hardware startups and added the site to its member resources page.

FounderDating is a network of talented entrepreneurs with different backgrounds and skill sets all ready to start their next company or project. The organization helps entrepreneurs find co-founders with complementary skill sets.

“What could be more important than connecting with amazing entrepreneurs that could be your cofounder? Don’t hesitate,” said 500 Startups investor Dave McClure in an endorsement for FounderDating.

3D Printing Apple 1 Moment

In August, the site launched FounderDating Hardware to help hardware entrepreneurs find the right people to get started on side projects and companies.

Start a Hardware Side Project or Company

FounderDating recently launched FounderDating Hardware in partnership with Tech Shop and PCH International for you to find the right people to start with! FounderDating is an invite-only online network of entrepreneurs – 50% engineers and 100% high quality – all ready to get started on something new.

Join by the upcoming Hardware deadline of September 27 and learn more at FounderDating’s hardware site.

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