3D Printing Week: HP, Stratasys, Formlabs Funding, Africa, Surgery

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3D Printing News

Here is a roundup of the top 3D printing news from October 21 to 27.

Doctors in Belgium are using 3D printing solutions from Mcor to save time in surgery by creating detailed bone structure models.

In Haiti, a non-profit organization delivered the first 3D printers to the country. [Edited]

Africa was also highlighted this past week.  In Togo, an inventor created his own recycled 3D printer out of electronic waste scrap and hopes to put his design on Mars.

Computing giant HP CEO Meg Whitman announced that the company is building 3D printers to debut in 2014. Meanwhile, 3D printing incumbent Stratasys expanded its presence in Asia through an acquisition.

And finally, the big venture capital news this week was the $19 million Series A funding for Formlabs, makers of the Form 1 desktop 3D printer that uses stereolithography instead of FDM.

Formlabs Raises Venture Funding Form 1 3D Printer


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  1. gregoire says:

    Haiti in Africa ?
    Funny …..

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