Metal 3D Printing Comes to the Desktop with Newton 3D Printer

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iMakr.VC Invests in Metal 3D Printing Project

Desktop 3D printing has always been criticized for producing plastic. Cheap, low resolution, plastic objects (no offense, MakerBot and FormLabs). With high end industrial 3D printers, many other materials are possible — from gold to stainless steel to sugar — but not so with desktop 3D printers, at least to date.

Newton 3D wants to change that by bringing metal 3D printing to the home office.

“The Newton 3D printer uses metal clay that is deposited into layers through a syringe,” said Romain Kidd, Chief Marketing Officer of, in an interview with On 3D Printing. ”The metal clay and the bed are not heated.” The Newton 3D uses metal clays such as bronze, sterling silver, copper and steel which are then fired. The parts can also be finished.

Newton 3D Metal 3D Printing

Newton 3D is built from the research of Esteban Schunemann, PhD student at Brunel University in London, which started back in 2009. Esteban was awarded the joint winner prize for the Goldsmiths’ Technological Innovation Award 2013 by the Craft and Design Council. Now being commercialized, Newton 3D was funded by iMakr.VC.

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The Newton 3D is currently in “version 0″, the team told us. Pricing has not yet been announced but interested parties can fill out a pre-order formDeliver of the first batch is expected is in early to mid-2014.

Here’s a time-lapse video of a 3D printed silver seashell.

Newton 3D is engaging the broad community of jewellers, product designers, homeware designers, fashion designers,  and others interested in metal 3D printing on Twitter with the hashtag #Newton3D.

Here’s another video showing the capabilities of the Newton 3D.

Learn more at

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