Gravity, A Specialized 3D Printing Recruitment Firm Opens for Business

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An established and successful video games recruitment specialist from the UK has set up a new recruitment service focused on the additive manufacturing and 3D printing industries.

Gravity Recruitment Ltd will help companies hire in a range of areas including engineering, design, software development, marketing, sales and R&D.

According to its founder, James Squires, ‘After surveying 100 key influencers in the 3D printing industry in 2013 we decided to put our skills and connections to work in the additive manufacturing industry. We became the first recruitment company to focus on this space, offering our clients and candidates a greater level of insight and industry knowledge than non-specialist recruiters.

Gravity Recruitment 3D Printing

Squires has been recruiting for over 13 years and has taken a keen interest in 3D printing technology since being inspired by a Ted Talk in 2013.

“We believe in the power of 3D Printing to change the world and benefit people and organisations in a multitude of ways,” said Squires. “Our mission is to act as ambassadors for the industry, bringing in top talent from around the world to ensure companies can keep pace with demand for 3D printing technology and its applications in the years ahead.”

The company offers a contingency based service, only charging a fee if a successful introduction is made. Placements can be made on a permanent or contract basis globally. To find out more, visit

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