Bulgarian 3D Printing Marketplace Teams Up with Regional Museum

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3D printing marketplace Threeding has announced a partnership with the regional historical museum of Pernik, Bulgaria. Under the agreement, Threeding.com will 3D scan museum exhibits and sell the digital models on its website Threeding.com.

“This agreement will give us an opportunity to add into our portfolio of 3D printable models, unique historical artifacts from the Prehistoric times, Antiquity, Middle Ages and Early Modern Period,” said Tony Kitipov, founder of Bulgaria-based Threeding.com.

The Regional Historical Museum of Pernik will collect a royalty for each sale on Threeding.com, providing much needed revenue to the museum. Furthermore, it is expected that this cooperation will increase the popularity of the museum and the region.

Threeding Design Sense

Threeding Builds a Foothold in Eastern Europe

Threeding is a Bulgarian startup founded Kitipov and students of the Bulgarian National Academy of Art, Cveta-Maria Partaleva and Stan Partalev.

“We were inspired by the 3D printing industry after several visits of the United States where we saw couple of 3D printing facilities,” said Threeding.com Founder Tony Kitipov in an exclusive interview with On 3D Printing.

Cveta 3D Scan Threeding

Threeding has modeled itself after successful online marketplaces, such us eBay, by creating a two-sided network of sellers – in this case designers – and buyers.

“We are certainly not the first one globally in this niche but we are definitely the first platform for 3D file sharing in Central and Eastern Europe,” explained Kitipov.

About The Regional History Museum of Pernik

The Regional History Museum of Pernik is located in the town of Pernik, Western Bulgaria. The region has a rich history dating back to antiquity. In different periods the town was part of the territory of the Thracians, part of the Roman Empire, the Byzantines Empire, the Bulgarian Kingdom, the Ottoman Empire and nowadays part of Bulgaria.

The museum was established in 1953 as a town museum and shortly after, it grew into Regional National Museum. Currently, the museum has a  fund of almost 55,000 objects from different periods of the history.

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