3D Print a Meme, Win Much Wow!

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Facebooke has just turned tene last monthe. Amaze.

Such much has changed since the very beginning. Wow. Very much so good memes were posted on this social network. Much more wow will be if it will be three dee printed.

Alright, let’s get serious… Yes, Facebook has really turned 10 this month. Yes, it has changed a lot since 2004. It has become a tool for communication between people. It has changed even the way how people interact with each other.

Sharing is caring? Sharing is laughing! Internet memes – that is something that had become big during these 10 years. Of course, you have seen at least one of them online. (Probably, even more than one.) Jackie Chan? Beyonce? Anybody? Yeah, we see that troll face you are making!

3D printed memes

Ladies and gentlemen, it is time to see a meme in reality!

Make a 3D printable meme and get so much wow prizes from our sponsors for the best 3D printable model and portfolio. You and your friends will be a part of jury – likes and shares of your model will be counted as points. So, do not forget to share and promote your model online.

This is the latest competition from 3D printable model marketplace CGTrader. The winner will receive:

  • Tazz 3 3D printer from Lulzbot
  • 200 USD gift card to shop on Sculpteo
  • Promotional features of 3D printed design on Mashable
  • 100 USD gift card to shop on Protoparadigm
  • Filaments from 3D 2Print
  • 300 USD from CGTrader
  • CGTrader T-shirt

Plus prizes for the runners up. Visit CGTrader to learn more.

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