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Romantic Boyfriend 3D Prints Wedding Bands, Raises the Bar

Yesterday, we featured a Ponoko community manager who designed a heart-shaped ring in Autodesk 123D. Today, we are showcasing a romantic guy who designed wedding rings for him and his girlfriend and 3D printed them on Shapeways.

I proposed to her [on] a trip of mine up to MIT to see her. When I gave her the present, she had no idea that it had the ring inside, and she started flipping through the book after she told me how much she liked the carving on the front. Then the wooden prototype ring fell out when she got to the back, and I proposed. After that, I showed her the ring I designed for her on Shapeways and she was super excited that I designed it with Blender and that I personalized it.

Alec Cox is a Shapeways community member who has raised the bar for every man out there.

Well done Alex!


Via Shapeways