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3D Printed Toothbrush Goes Viral with 6-Second Promise

Clean Your Teeth in 6 Second with 3D Printed Toothbrush

Has there ever been a YouTube video about a toothbrush with over 850,000 views? Well, there is one now thanks to the Blizzident 3D printed toothbrush.

The Blizzident toothbrush is a brush that is designed for your mouth. Using a 3D scan of your teeth, Blizzident bristles are tailored to your own teeth, placed on the surface of your teeth in a 45 degree angle. They are also aligned exactly along your gum line in a 45 degree angle. Additionally there are interdental bristles between all your teeth.

Blizzident 3D Printed Toothbrush


All teeth are perfectly cleaned within just 6 seconds, in perfectly applied Bass-technique, by just biting and chewing a little. It even includes flossing and a tongue-cleaner. The Blizzident toothbrush is tailored to all dentures/teeth individually.

Learn more or order your own for $300 at blizzident.com.