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This New House: 3D Printing and Constructing WikiHouse

3D Printed Wikihouse Zero Bolts

Most 3D printed objects are tabletop size, but how about 3D printing a full-size house? That’s the idea behind WikiHouse.

Great story from Inhabitat:

We’ve seen a lot of cool 3D-printed objects in our day, but what about a whole house? That’s what UK design firm 00:/ took on when they constructed their 3D-printed WikiHouse at La Rinascente during the Milan Furniture FairWikiHouse is an open-source platform that allows designers from all over the world to design, download and share housing templates that are printed using a CNC milling machine or 3D printer. Hit the jump to see a quick video by Alice Masters, which shows the 00:/ team putting together the first ever zero-bolt prototype of WikiHouse on the shop floor of one of Milan’s most renowned department stores.

3D Printed Wikihouse Zero Bolts


Via Inhabitat.

Old Refrigerators Recycled to 3D Print Modern Furniture [Video]

Designer Dirk Vander Kooij has taken industrial recycling to a new level. With his “Endless” process, old refrigerators were melted down and then used as raw materials to 3D print modern furniture.

His website describes the process:

It took 54 prototypes before we achieved the optimum comfort the chair now offers. After an intensive process of research and development into the engineering technique, we are now capable of producing tight lines and rounding off curves. Thanks to this rounding off technique, the chair has a distinct similarity to a thoughtfully wound up ball of string. This can only be done with the “Endless” production technique.

Below is a video of his industrial robot printing new furniture from old materials.


Via Mariella Moon