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Spooky Designs You Can 3D Print for Halloween from Shapeways

A few days ago, MakerBot released glow-in-the-dark filament, so you can 3D print ghosts and goblins that will be great additions to your Halloween decorations.

For more Halloween inspiration, check out these items available on 3D printing marketplace Shapeways.

First, there’s a Ninja Ghost Lightclip for your iPhone created by Dinos Costanti. You attach the Lightclip to your iPhone and turn on a flashlight app to see the ninja ghost light up. $15 and up.

We profiled this designer back in May. Read our full interview at the link below.

Link: 3D Printed Lightclip Lets You Signal Batman With Your iPhone and More

3D Printed Lightclip Ninja Ghost

Next up, we have 3D Printed Devil Horns that you can wear on your head, created by Trish Dobson.

This set of 3″ horns also double as two talons! The lightweight white, strong and flexible material allows this model to be painted in the color of your choice. Each horn/talon has a 1/4″ slot to allow fabric or elastic to be inserted depending on usage. The pair displayed were finished with a high quality artists spray paint. $30 and up.

3D Printed Devil Horns

Next, we have a Shot Glass Crawler by Christopher Cordingley, for the adult beverages of choice on Halloween. $55 and up.

For those going to Halloween costume parties, there is the FireFlight Party Mask by maskadelic, which has long, stunning radial flames or leaves emanating from they eyes and radial accents around the eyes. Also, FireFlight has a decorative third eye accent, a great way to incorporate a bindi with it. A strong, nature inspired design FireFlight is a sure fire way to draw attention to ones facial features. $20 and up.

Fireflight Party Mask

And finally, again for costume parties, women will enjoy this Lotus Top by ThreeForm. The Lotus top is a graceful form that embraces the upper body, accentuating the shoulders and clavicles. It’s name comes from its unique design that blooms at the center opening, allowing the wearer to put her head through and rest it comfortably on the neck and shoulders. A perfect fit requires a 3D body scan; contact the designer for more information. $686 and up.

Lotus Top

Order your designs now to get them in time for Halloween!

MakerBot Has Glow-in-the-Dark 3D Printer Filament for Halloween

Get Your 3D Printed Ghosts Ready for Halloween

Desktop 3D printer company MakerBot has launched glow-in-the-dark filament just in time for Halloween.

Made with a special dye, MakerBot Glow-in-the-Dark PLA Filament glows a ghostly green in the dark. You don’t need sunlight to power up your glow-in-the-dark 3D print: any light source will do the trick in just two to three minutes.

To get your filament, go to the MakerBot store and stock up.

MakerBot Halloween Glow in the Dark 3D Printer Filament