Video: 3D Printing in Glazed Ceramics, Best Practices and Cost

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Glazed Ceramics 3D Printing

Earlier we posted about a 3D printed coffee cup that went viral. This innovative design was 3D printed in glazed ceramics.

Want to learn more about 3D printing in ceramics? Watch the video below from Shapeways’ tutorial.

Glazed Ceramics are food safe, recyclable and heat resistant. The glaze is heatable up to 600 degrees celsius, at which point the glaze will start to damage. The pricing for Glazed Ceramics is calculated by surface area, not volume of material used. Minimum wall thickness is 3mm, interlocking parts (ie chains) are not possible currently.

We offer glazed ceramics in a few different glazes.

  • Gloss White Glaze is $0.18/cm2
  • Gloss Black Glaze, Satin Black is $0.19/cm2
  • Eggshell Blue, Avocado Green, and Pastel Yellow is $0.20/cm2

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