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Why 3D Printing Will Be More Fun Than LEGO: Minecraft Video

Minecraft 3D Print

As humans, we attach more value to things we create than things created for us (See Dan Ariely’s research to understand what he calls “The Ikea Effect”).

This common psychological motivation is why personalized 3D printing will engender a new generation of toys that are not mass produced. Although toys like LEGO and Lincoln Logs let kids use building blocks to create their own structures, they are still limited to the granularity of the block.

The popularity of the game Minecraft has shown that kids are ready to go beyond centimeter-tall blocks, and want to build entire worlds. One 3D printing enthusiast has demonstrated how to export your Minecraft village and print a physical copy to play with.

Minecraft Village Digital to 3D Print

In the video below, watch as he walks through his digital to 3D printed transformation.

We have reported about this before. This is just the beginning. The toy industry is soon to be turned upside down as 3D printing gains popularity.