Affiliate Marketing Juggernaut ClickBank Embraces 3D Printing

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ClickBank Creates New 3D Printing Category for Affiliate Marketers

“Tomorrow is coming!” — Jeff Leget, VP Strategy at ClickBank

With headquarters in Boise, Idaho, ClickBank is a company that has a global footprint. Founded in 1998, the company now has a network of more than 100,000 affiliate marketers who promote 60,000 digital products on its platform to customers in 190 countries. The company’s marketplace supports products ranging from e-books to audio tracks to videos and beyond, making ClickBank a juggernaut in the affiliate marketing world.

And now this powerhouse is expanding into a new category: ClickBank 3D Printing.

ClickBank 3D Printing

“Today there is a new industry that is being born. Like the personal computers in the mid-80s and the boom of the internet in the mid-90s this new technology aims to transform manufacturing and our lives as we know it. The new technology is 3D printing,” said Jeff Leget, Vice President Strategy & International for ClickBank. ”Submit your ebook, software, or general advice for building a business around 3D Printing. You can be one of the first ClickBank information entrepreneurs to land in this exciting new category. At ClickBank we reward business innovation every day. Tomorrow is coming!”

The 3D Printing category is currently empty but ClickBank does not expect that to last.

How ClickBank Works

ClickBank is a platform where content creators connect with marketers. Let’s say you author an e-book about something you are an expert in and want to get distribution. You upload your e-book to ClickBank, assign a commission, and its network of affiliate marketers pick it up and sell it online. ClickBank handles the e-commerce payments and fulfillment.

Watch this video from ClickScoop to hear more about how ClickBank works.

Here are some high-performing products on the ClickBank:

  • The Truth About Explosive Rotational Power For Baseball Or Softball This 4 module series will have you hitting like an MLB player. Promote key movement science principles with limited muscle activation to achieve explosive rotational power.
  • Your Safe Retirement Package A book on changing how people think about retirement. Goes beyond financial matters to comprehensively address what it takes to create a safe and fulfilling retirement, and prepare you for your golden years!
  • How To Help Your Child Learn To Talk Better In Everyday Activities Yes, you can help your child learn to talk or talk better. Get the information you need from this easy-to-read, parent-friendly eBook. Explanations and examples will guide you to blend new, stimulating methods into your everyday activities—starting right away.

With such a successful track record and marketplace, ClickBank 3D Printing is sure to be an exciting new category for the company.


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