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Top 3D Printing Headlines Last Week: Burning Man, Hype Cycle, Imagine 3D Printer

Burning Man 3D Printing

A roundup of the top news On 3D Printing brought you from August 22 to August 26.

Wednesday, August 22

Imagine 3D Printer: Print Frosting, Mashed Potatoes and Much More

Imagine 3D Printer Food

Instead of 3D printing with plastic, how about frosting or mashed potatoes? How about other soft materials found around the house?

The Imagine 3D Printer uses special plastic syringes that extrude any kind of soft material. The company wants you to experiment with ideas. Just remember to wash out the syringes afterward.

Imagine 3D Printer is in a class by itself. Imagine is a multi-material machine and thus can make objects with any material that you place in the cartridge. There is an infinite number of materials that you can use. If you can bring it to a soft form first (using a household blender), you can print with it. The sky is the limit.

Imagine 3D Printer

The Imagine 3D Printer is available for sale and costs $1,995.

Watch the video to see the 3D printer in action.


Via OhGizmo.