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3D Printing Startup Mixee Labs Expands Portfolio with Artisan Jewelry Launch and Platform

MixeeLabs 3D Printed Quark Jewelry

Mixee Labs Adds Customizable 3D Printed Jewelry and Has Plans for More

In November, 3D printing startup Mixee Labs launched Mixee Me, a platform where you can design and 3D print your own likeness in a figurine. We reviewed our 3D printed mini-me in December. Within the first month of launch, Mixee Me was a top 5 shop on Shapeways, and in Time Magazine’s Top 10 3D Printed Gifts of the year.

Now Mixee Labs is expanding with the launch of a web platform where designers can create interactive models of their products for consumers to customize. With each web app, or “creator,” anybody will be able to create unique objects without knowing how to model, and watch them come to life without needing to buy a 3D printer.

Mixee Labs has extended its production partnership with Shapeways, using 3D printing to manufacture these personalized objects on-demand and ship directly to the customers.

As part of the launch, Mixee Labs is featuring Quark Jewelry by Stijn van der Linden, of the studio Virtox. Quark Jewelry’s innovative design draws on the intricate movements of subatomic particles. Stijn has been a leading figure in the 3D printing community. His designs have been featured in the Wired Store and the Today Show.

Below is a gallery of images for Quark Jewelry.

Here is a testimonial by designer Stijn van der Linden.

Ever since I first learned about subatomic particles and their spiral movements in magnetic fields, I could not help but be inspired. The different charges, masses and speeds determine the trajectories and create these astounding images in bubble chambers.

With the arrival of accessible 3d printing, I got to work to capture this beauty in jewelry.
I wrote a piece of software that would trace possible (and impossible) orbits and trajectories in 3 dimensions.
But I had a hard time choosing which models to actually try and print as the variations were endless.
Then a few months ago I got the urge to bring this project back to life and in search for a solution I stumbled upon Mixeelabs.

Mixeelabs was working on an online platform that allows designers to easily create web apps which are able to generate 3d printable models! We joined forces and are very proud to present “Quark Jewelry”.

Want to try it out? Here are some links.

Mixee Labs

Quark Jewelry (3D printed sub-atomic designed jewelry creator)

Mixee Me (3D printed figurine creator)

All Mixee Labs Creators



Startup Mixee Me Launches Beta: 3D Print Your Own Mini-Me Likeness

Mixee Me Launch 3D Printing 1

Mixee Me is a new 3D printing startup that lets you easily create a mini you and 3D print it. The company was founded in 2012 by Nancy Liang and Aaron Barnet. Nancy previously worked for Shapeways and Aaron is the software developer and architect.

Mixee Me launched its public beta today. You can visit the site at mixeeme.com.

How does it work?

Using a web-based character modeling tool, you can create a little buddy that looks just like you. Similar to designing a Mii on the Wii, you can pick the hair, eyes, clothes and accessories to suit your personal tastes. We found it really quick and easy to make a little dude.

Mixee Me Character Modeler 3D Printing

Once you have completed your design, it is auto-uploaded to 3D printing marketplace Shapeways where you can purchase the physical object for $25 plus shipping.

The models are printed in full color sandstone and are roughly 2 to 3 cm tall. That may seem small but Mixee Me founder Nancy explains that this is a limitation of the early technology, “Because 3D printing is priced volumetrically, bigger prints are way more expensive. We want to make 3D printing accessible, and that includes the price of the final products.”

Here is our final model, which is now on order from Shapeways.

Mixee Me model

More about Mixee Me

What sets you apart from others in this industry?

Nancy: Right now, there are a lot of great companies focusing on making 3D printers. Before you can print anything though, you need 3D files that tells the printers what to do. When I first started modeling, it took me 3 hours to make a stick figure, because most 3D design tools are aimed at professionals. It then took me 2 more hours to rework my file so a 3D printer can understand it, because most 3D design tools are made for applications like injection molding and animation, not 3D printing. After all that work, my model was way too expensive to print. We don’t want anybody to go through that!

What about the industry excites you?

Nancy: We believe in a future where anybody can make anything they want. Instead of ordering stock products through Amazon, you can download virtual 3D files, maybe tweak them to suit your specific needs, and send them to the printers.

Each product can be customized to your specific needs. Holding something that you designed in your hands is a delightful, personal experience. It can really change the relationships people have with their stuff.

With 3D printing, designers can iterate on their ideas quickly. My friends in hardware often say that product design does not move at “internet speed,” where you can make tweaks just by clicking a button. 3D printing changes that.

What is your long term vision for Mixee Me?

Nancy: Mixee Me aims to make designing 3D printable objects accessible to anybody. Right now, we are focused on our character creator. Eventually, we want to expand the range of what people can make with Mixee Me to just about anything. It’s a tough problem no doubt, but a very exciting one to tackle.

Launch Promotion

MixeeMe is running a special launch promotion. To enter, follow these steps:

  1. Make a Mixee online: http://www.mixeeme.com
  2. Tweet @MixeeMe, link to your Mixee’s URL, tell us why your Mixee is awesome
  3. Every hour from 1 PM to 8 PM EST, we will pick one to give away for free!