Review: Mixee Me Lets You Design and 3D Print Your Own Mini-Me

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Mixee Me 3D Printing

In November, 3D printing startup Mixee Me launched their public beta. As one of Mixee Me’s first customers, here is our review. Our 3D printed model appears in the photo above standing next to an iPad.

What They Offer

Mixee Me offers a free, online design tool to create your own avatar-like character. There are a range of hair styles, clothing, and expressions to choose from. Once you are finished with your design, it is uploaded to the Shapeways marketplace where you can purchase a 3D printed model for $25 + shipping.


Pros: Designing the avatar was easy and quick. No 3D modeling experience was necessary. Plus it was free!

Cons: The options for hair styles and expressions were relatively limited. You could upload your own design but that requires some graphic design knowledge. This can easily be addressed as they add more styles.


Pros: The model was automatically uploaded to Shapeways and available for checkout. We received an email to notify us that it was ready.

Cons: The model was placed in the MixeeMe account rather than a personalized account.


$25 seems fair given where 3D printing technology is today, but expensive compared to a similar toy one could purchase at retail.


From a distance, the quality is great. It is a cute little character that can be placed on any shelf or mantle. Our character is posing on a piano keyboard in the photo below.

Close up, the 3D printing lines are apparent in the sandstone material which suggests that the resolution is not very fine. We don’t know if this is a design flaw or a limitation of Shapeways.

All in all, it’s a fun keepsake.

Mixee Me 3D Printing 2


In summary, Mixee Me is a fun new service where you can make little characters to adorn your office or house. We hope to see more options and flexibility in the future, as well as natural price declines to make the purchase more appetizing to consumers.

You can design your own at


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