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MakerBot Joins the Race For 3D Printing Your Self-Portrait

MakerBot Industries 3D Printing

In the past few weeks, we’ve written about a 3D printing photo booth opening in Japan and startup MixeeMe 3D printing avatars you design. Now MakerBot is joining the race to be the 3D printing self-portrait service of choice.

MakerBot 3D Printing Heads

MakerBot opened a 3D printing photo booth in its New York City store. Customers at the store can have their faces scanned in about 5 minutes and 3D printing their head takes several weeks. MakerBot’s 3D scanning capability is powered by Direct Dimensions’ ShapeShot technology.

MakerBot ShapeShot 3D Printing

“It’s a new kind of portraiture,” MakerBot CEO Bre Pettis said at a press event. ”This is beyond digital photography – it is the future – and to be able to create a 3D image of yourself is just amazing. We’ve had celebrities and musicians come in and get a 3D Portrait made. It’s fun, it’s inexpensive, and it’s totally cool.”