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Fab Labs and Smart Cities: Barcelona

Fab Lab: Barcelona and Smart Cities: are we seeing societal change by way of democratization of manufacturing?

In an interview with Tomás Diez, director of the Fab Lab Barcelona project, the question was posed:

How can cities solve the need of providing more and more diverse services, in a scenario of cutting budgets, while taking advantage of the opportunities that “fabbing” bring to us? At the Fab City… how do you think that having a neighborhood fab lab would change people’s lives?

The response was quite profound:

This proposal consists on a fab city made up of an interconnected community of neighborhood fab labs. The venues’ goals would be to encourage entrepreneurship and interest in innovation that have already been present in Barcelona throughout centuries. As they see it, bringing factories back to cites will lead us through a new industrial revolution where production methods and social bonds will be transformed.

Read more in the full interview.


Barcelona image used under Creative Commons from Moyan_Brenn.