Unique 3D Printed Art Featured at the 3D Print Show in London

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3D Print Show Art Double Take

This October, the 3D Print Show will come to London. Among the exhibitors will be artists and designers who are pushing the boundaries of what is possible thanks to 3D printing technology. Here are some of our favorite previews.

Above: fashion takes the front seat during a planned live catwalk show featuring 3D printed wearables. Designer Niccolo Casas created this spicy accessory, part of the “Alchemy” collection.

3D Print Show Art A State of Flux

Sophie Kahn‘s “Dominick” sculpture, featured at the 3D Print Show, derived from using a cinema-quality laser scanner and 3D imaging software to create a unique characterization of a human face in motion.

“The precisely engineered scanning technology I use was never designed to represent the body, which is always in flux,” Kahn notes on her Web site. “Confronted with motion, the software receives conflicting spatial coordinates, and generates a fragmented model. This model is then edited — virtually ‘sculpted’ — using 3D editing software.” Read more about the methods and materials she uses for the 3D printing process.

See a larger set of designs at CNET.

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