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Top 10 Countdown: Most Popular 3D Printing Stories in June 2012

Peter Thiel 3D Printing

Here are the top 10 most popular stories On 3D Printing brought you in June 2012.

10. The Dutch combine 3D printing and textiles.

9. A review of 3D modeling software Tinkercad, SketchUp, and 123D.

8. People are wondering why Google sold 3D modeling business SketchUp.

7. Still popular: the Motley Fool reviews the 3D printing industry.

6. We exclusively covered 3D Systems’ Cubify at Google I/O 3D printing in San Francisco.

5. UP! 3D printer from China is a viable competitor to MakerBot and other.

4. You can be a superhero; your face 3D printed on a superhero action figure.

3. Facebook investor Peter Thiel backs 3D printing entrepreneur.

2.  Why 3D printing will be more fun than LEGO thanks to Minecraft.

1. 3D printing stock are hot and up over 180%! So was this article.


Thanks for reading in June!

Peter Thiel photo by thekenyeung used under Creative Commons license.

Make Your Own Superhero: Your Face 3D Printed on Batman

3D Printed Superheros and Villians

Have you always wanted your own superhero action figure … of yourself? Now Firebox can help you fulfill that dream.

Step 1: Take 2 photos of your face and upload them to Firebox.

Step 2: Select a superhero template to personalize, from Batman to Superman to Captain America to Batgirl.

Step 3: Firebox 3D prints your action figure and ships it to you for $128.

Personalized Superhero Action Figure

Besides the cool factor, we were interested in this novel application of 3D printing. Firebox explains how it works:

Using advanced 3D printing technology your photographs will be turned into a fully-formed 3D version of your noggin – including eye colour, skin tone, hair style (or as close as possible) and hair colour. Accurate? It’ll be like looking in a teaspoon.

Learn more at Firebox.

Hat tip to geekosystem.