Stratasys and Objet Merger: Analysis and Key Takeaways

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Yesterday, Stratasys (NASDAQ:SSYS) announced plans to merge with Objet in an all-stock transaction valuing the newly combined company at $1.4 billion.

Today we are publishing the investor presentation prepared to describe the merger. Here is an analysis with some key takeaways:

  • Areas of synergy include a portfolio of complementary products and the strength of a combined leadership team
  • Deal highlights for new merged entity:
    • Stock-for-stock merger with 55% owned by Stratasys; 45% by Objet
    • Will combine under the public ticker SSYS on NASDAQ
    • Blended management team: Stratasys CEO becomes Chairman and Objet CEO becomes combined CEO
    • Dual HQ in Minnesota and Israel
    • Transaction expected to close in Q3
  • Objet has 2800 customers of 3D printers; 2011 revenue of $121M and net income of $14M; based in Israel with 430 employees
  • Stratasys had 2011 revenue of $156M and net income of $22M
  • Combined entity has $125.7M in cash and short term equivalents
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