A Look Back at the History of MakerBot, 3D Printing Pioneer [Video]

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MakerBot TV has kicked off its second seasons with a look back at the history of MakerBot Industries. Ramen noodles and pure adrenaline were the keys to early perseverance in 2009. As the first 3D printer units shipped, the team scaled from borrowed space and 1 employee to a dedicated office with a team of 85.

Watch the video below hosted by Annelise Jeske (@MakerBotTV).

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5 Responses to A Look Back at the History of MakerBot, 3D Printing Pioneer [Video]

  1. [...] Since that time, MakerBot has grown to over 125 employees and is now in need of new headquarters. [...]

  2. [...] sure that fame is not his key driver, but it’s great to see him getting recognition for being a pioneer in consumer 3D printers. MakerBot has received more than $10 million in venture capital from a huge variety of sources and [...]

  3. [...] MakerBot is probably the most well-known venture-backed 3D printing startup, with nearly $11 million in funding and 125 employees. It also helps that MakerBot’s CEO Bre Pettis is 3D printing’s first celebrity. [...]

  4. Stephen Keefe says:

    Good to see young enthusiastic people at play, however it does make me wonder when the chinese will step into the market place which of course will totally inilate this product by sheer price alone like they have done to so many good western products before.
    Im from australia but think I should move to the usa to escape the negativity of the economic doom and gloom us aussies have taken on board for no real reason

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