Demonstrating the Versatility and Variety of 3D Printing [Video]

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We know that 3D printing can be used to manufacture a variety of different goods, but until now we have not seen the range of items that can be born out of a single printer.

In the video below, Objet’s Sam Green showcases his collection of favorite 3D printed objects. These include:

  • Single material printing of complex finished assemblies
  • Multi-material 3D printing
  • Combinations of rigid materials for art pieces and product design
  • Combinations of rigid and rubber-like materials for household tools
  • ABS grade engineering plastic for performance

I personally like the intricately designed snake skeleton and gear designs. Since the objects are printed fully assembled, there are no seams or joins but still very complex moving parts.

From Sam Green:

In short, inkjet-based 3D printing is the only technology that can really simulate the true look, feeland function of complex assembled goods. And this is thanks to the wide variety of materials and the inkjet process itself – which can simultaneously jet different materials from the separate inkjet head nozzles. This enables you to combine materials to create different color shadesdifferent Shore A values and even simulate engineering plastic durability. It also allows you to selectively place different materials within a single model.

Via Objet

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