Strange Ideas: Eat Your Own 3D Printed Brain [Video]

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Brain 3D Scan

In the realm of strange ideas, here’s a winner.

One researcher decided to MRI scan his own brain, 3D print a replica, and then use that print as a mold to cast a chocolate version of his very own brain. Then he ate it.

Inition co-founder Andy Millins gave his MRI brain scan data which he had on file after participating in an Imperial College research project. The team got to work by first extracting a 3D model from the sliced-image MRI data which was then 3D printed and used to create a latex mould for the casting of the chocolate brain. After consuming his own brain, Andy Millins, co-founder at Inition said: “I’ve been involved in some weird 3D projects over the years at Inition but eating my own chocolate brain was one of the most bizarre . We hope the detailed how-to on Instructables will give others food for thought.”

While I wouldn’t refer to this idea as world-changing, the attention to detail on this project is impressive. Watch the video below to see Andy Millins’s entire process. Perhaps some of the other chocolate 3D printing teams will be inspired.



Via Inition.

Brain scan photo by Liz Henry used under Creative Commons license.

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