UP! 3D Printer in Action: Compact Desktop Printer from China [Video]

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The UP! 3D printer is a compact desktop printer, 14″ tall by 10″ wide from Beijing, China, capable of printing 3D objects & 3D parts directly on your desktop, from your computer, using industrial strength ABS plastic.

From the UP! website:

Starting with an industry-standard 3D file (.STL format), the UP! includes it’s own software that allows you to import your 3D digital creations and then prepares them for printing as “real” objects that you can touch and hold in your hand.

Create your designs & parts in your favorite 3D CAD programs such as Solidworks, Autodesk Inventor, or TinkerCAD. Scan existing object using a 3d scanner and then save them to .STL or download shared models directly from the web.

Any .STL file can be imported into the UP! Software environment and once in, you can, scale, rotate & position your model then prepare it for printing 2 plastic, super strong ABS plastic that is! on the incredible UP! 3D Printer from PP3DP. Never has a technology been so fascinating. Watch as your digital creations are built up, layer by layer right before your very eyes.

Spend your time CREATING rather than calibrating & MAKING instead of maintaining. The UP! is ready to print, 15 minutes out of the box with no major assembly required. The UP! is 3D printing for the masses! Durable, affordable, portable & precise, the UP! is a dream machine and is built for making!

Here is a video of the UP! 3D printer in action:

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