Bukobot Bucks Trend with Over-Subscribed 3D Printing Kickstarter Pitch

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Bukobot 3D Printer Kickstarter Project

Nearly a month ago, we analyzed the funding goals of 3D printing Kickstarter projects. The conclusion?

  • Of the 13 projects since October 2009, only 6 have successfully reached their funding goals, or 46%
  • The average funding goal of a successful project is $3,842 and the average funds raised is $11,039, or 287%
  • The average funding goal of an unsuccessful project is $16,874 and the average funds raised is $1,105, or 7%
  • The average number of backers for a successful project is 55 with each backer pledging $164
  • The average number of backers for an unsuccessful project is 21 with each backer pledging only $38
  • There was no geographic concentration of successful projects

3D Printing Kickstarter Projects Funding Raised vs Goal

Now Bukobot is bucking the trend and has been oversubscribed based on its misson to deliver an affordable 3D printer with no compromises.

From an interview with VentureBeat, Bukobot founder Diego Porqueras explained his motivation:

Porqueras promises that the Bukobot (named after his “tough” dog, Buko, who he rescued from the streets), will be the most inexpensive 3D printer on the market to date.

“Compared to a MakerBot [and other similar companies], my design is a lot more efficient and simplified while still keeping the rigidity of a box,” Porqueras told VentureBeat. “I wanted to think outside the box (literally) for the design because this would allow a lot more flexibility for expansion and modifications to the feature without having to redesign or build a whole new frame.”

Most of Porqueras’ models are under $1,000, which is a deal when compared to MakerBot’s Replicator, which costs nearly $1,800.

Below is the video of the Kickstarter pitch that attracted 400% of its target funding level.


Via VentureBeat.

Bukobot photo by JuniorMonkey used under Creative Commons license.

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3 Responses to Bukobot Bucks Trend with Over-Subscribed 3D Printing Kickstarter Pitch

  1. Bruce Sommer says:

    Although I am really looking forward to seeing the Bukobot mass produced as well as seeing customer feedback of that 3D Printer, I’m really surprised not to see any mention of Brook Drumm’s Printrbot in the included chart.
    It had 1808 Backers pledging $830,827 which far exceeded its $25,000 goal.

    • on3dprinting says:

      @Bruce thanks for linking to the Printrbot project. We will take a look and include it in our next update.

  2. [...] year, Diego Porqueras from Deezmaker launched a Kickstarter campaign for the Bukobot 3D printer and raised $167,410 from 290 backers, or an average of $577 per backer. With that successful track [...]

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