Enter the 3D4D Challenge to Win $100K and Change the World

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3D4D Challenge 3D Printing Developing World

3D printing is revolutionizing the way we create products, by enabling the factory to be within the community.

Do you have a transformational idea that could leverage 3D printing technologies to deliver real social benefits in the developing world? If so, submit your idea to the 3D for Development Challenge, or 3D4D Challenge. The final winner announcement will be made the 3D Print Show on October 19.

In the developing world, internet retailing is in its infancy. Could 3D printing fill the gap?

The Challenge aims to find transformational uses for additive technology that deliver real social benefit in the developing world.  We want to encourage collaboration between the ‘tech’ community and individuals and organisations trying to address major social challenges in the developing world.

The winning idea will be the one that stands out because:

  • It clearly and measurably addresses a significant social need e,g, improving the incomes of some of the world’s poorest people or improving access to clean water or energy.
  • It demonstrates real technical innovation.  In other words, it brings together leading edge thinking across mobile, web, manufacturing and solar technologies.
  • It clearly demonstrates that there is a sustainable business model that underpins the idea; not simply a reliance on continual donor funding.

In order to enter the 3d4d Challenge, you must submit a concept statement outlining your idea. Your concept statement must cover the need to be addressed and the evidence that you have available to demonstrate the need exists. The application should also explain what makes the use of 3D printing technology innovative in the context of this need. Finally, the application should explain how the project could become sustainable and over what period of time.’

The closing date for applications is 31st July 2012.  We will let you know if you have been chosen as a finalist for the Challenge shortly after the entry deadline date.  If you do not hear from us within one month of that date, please assume that your entry has been unsuccessful.

Watch the video below for full details behind the challenge.


Developing world photo by PhOtOnQuAnTiQuE used under Creative Commons license.

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2 Responses to Enter the 3D4D Challenge to Win $100K and Change the World

  1. Rosie Wilson says:


    As you may know, the 3D4D Challenge have now announced its 7 finalists, whose profiles can be found here; http://www.3d4dchallenge.org/finalists/

    You wrote a blog post when we first launched the Challenge in March and we would love you to be able to write another one announcing the finalists. I have attached our most recent press release. If you need any more information, please do not hesitate to contact me.

    Thank-you and kind regards,

    Rosie Wilson
    3D4D Challenge

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