Shapeways Opens NYC 3D Printing and Distribution Center

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3D printing marketplace Shapeways has opened a NYC-based 3D printing and distribution center. This comes just a few weeks after raising $6.2M in Series B funding.

The NY-based startup began printing from a single 3D Systems ProJet 3500 Plus printer last week at its Long Island City factory/distribution center. Because the machines are customized for specific materials, the ProJet will only be churning out UV curable acrylic plastics until other printers are installed.

This past March, the Long Island City location began distributing its 3D printed wares, which paved the way for the company to begin ramping up its US production efforts. While this isn’t the “factory of the future” that was announced last November, Shapeways says the real deal will be up and running by the end of summer or early fall. There are also plans to implement a “lab” for creators and students alike to experiment with different materials and production methods to further improve and iterate upon current methods.

To date, Shapeways has over 150,000 active community members/designers with over 6,000 of them having their own online shops delivering their custom wares.


Via TechCrunch.

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