Results of First Survey On 3D Printing: Adoption, Education, Services

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[Updated for corrections]

The results of the first survey on 3D printing are captured below, courtesy of Statistical Studies of Peer Production. We wanted to highlight the most interesting statistics.

First engagement with 3D printing: The survey asked respondents when they first used 3D printing. The largest concentration was for the year 2011. 2010 and 2012 were close runners up. This suggests that we are at an inflection point for adoption of 3D printing.

Chart 3D Printing First Engagement

Education level: 33.7% of 3D printing users have a 4-year college degree and another 23.5% have an advanced degree. This suggests that the earliest adopters are mainly well-educated people.

Chart 3D Printing Education Level



Most commonly used 3D printers: The most commonly used 3D printer was RepRap, with MakerBot as the close second.

Most Commonly Used 3D Printers

Usage of 3D printing services: The most-used 3D printing service was Shapeways. Others, like i.materialise and Ponoko, were not commonly used. The largest response to this question was “none”, which suggests that these 3D printing services have a long road ahead in terms of driving awareness.

Chart 3D Printing Services

Read the full report at

Here is a video by Stephen Murphey visualizing the results.

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6 Responses to Results of First Survey On 3D Printing: Adoption, Education, Services

  1. Thanks for adding results from the survey to your site. There are 3 things that are somewhat misleading. Firstly, Shapeways has nothing to do with the actual survey or analysis. They helped to spread word about the survey and published results in their site. Secondly, survey is not conducted by Journal of Peer Production (, but Statistical Studies of Peer Production ( Those two are independent actors although they share domain. Lastly, the video made out of survey results has nothing to do with Shapeways. It was created by Stephen Murphey (

  2. on3dprinting says:

    @Jarkko thanks for the feedback. We will make the corrections.

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  4. Joaquin Garcia says:

    The note says “2010 and 2012 were close runners up” but the date of the article is “July 20, 2012″ then for me that means that the previous statement is not fair since it may considered just half of 2012, am I right, or missing something?

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