Fab Lab of the Week: – Fab Lab Portland at U of Oregon

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Fab Lab Portland University of Oregon 3D Printing

This week’s featured Fab Lab is the Fab Lab Portland at the University of Oregon.

From the fab lab’s website:

The primary function of the lab is to support students and faculty members conducting research in Portland. Access is offered to patrons that are actively enrolled or teaching in the current term. The culture of the lab supports an open atmosphere of learning. Patrons are responsible for safely operating all equipment and tools themselves, and must first complete a basic safety orientation and sign a release waiver before working in the woodshop or spary booth. Patrons may also use equipment in the fabrication lab if they have received technical training and been approved to operate the machines. Workshops and courses are offered each term to provide patrons with opportunities to improve their protoyping skills and fabrication techniques.

Fab Lab Portland has 3D printers and other equipment for use.

The facility supports two laser cutters, a 3D printer, a CNC milling machine, and a CNC router. Prices and specifications for equipment are as follows:

Laser Cutters: Universal ILS 9.150D
100 watts
Universal VLS 4.60
50 watts
3D Printer: Dimension 1200ES SST
ABS plastic (natural)
10”x10”x12” max dimensions
CNC Milling Machine: Roland MDX-540
14”x14”x5” (9”x6”d.) travel dimensions
*cost varies with material
CNC Router: ShopBot BT48
48”x96”x5” travel dimensions
*cost varies with material
University of Oregon photo by Erik R. Bishoff used under Creative Commons license.
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