Shapeways Celebrates 2012: Infographic and 1 Million 3D Printed Products

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3D printing marketplace Shapeways has published an infographic highlighting its 2012 achievements. Among them:

  • 1 million+ 3D printed products
  • 8,000 shops
  • $500,000 income earned by shop owners
  • Community members from over 130 countries
  • Opening of a new NYC factory

Shapeways 2012 Year in Review 3D Printing


All of the numbers

3D Prints

  • Well over 1,000,000 3D printed products to date
  • Over 10,000 uploads per week

Shapeways Shops

  • 8000+ Shapeways Shops, who earned $500,000 in income for 2012
  • Shop owners earned almost 6 times normal daily sales on Black Friday alone!

Our Community

  • 230,000+ Community Members in over 130 countries

People, places and things

  • 2 Factories of the Future with 3D Printers capable of each creating up to 1,000 unique products daily
  • On our way to 100% local production, with nearly 90% of products sold in the USA made in the USA
  • 30+ material options
  • 70+ employees


Via Shapeways blog.

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