RoBo 3D Printer Raises $500K on Kickstarter to Battle MakerBot

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RoBo 3D Printer

There’s a new Kickstarter champion in town: The RoBo 3D Printer. After setting up a Kickstarter campaign to raise $49,000, it looks likes the RoBo team will raise over $500K to build a a low-cost, open source, easy to use 3D printer.

What is RoBo 3D? 

RoBo 3D is the ultimate 3D printer everyone has been waiting for. We combined the best minds from the open source community, the best hardware we believe can give the best prints, and our own ideas based on our experience working with 3D printers. The open-source design is made so people like us can go online and find all the documents that show the ins and outs of how to make a RoBo 3D. In true rep-rap fashion, RoBo 3D has been made so that it can print out its own parts. Once in your hands, print out another for a friend! Come experience it and together, lets create something great.

Who is RoBo 3D for?

Architects- print out model homes and buildings for clients. Change and print out again without hassle.

Designers- Have an idea that you want to bring to life? Print out your designs and see if they were everything you imagined. If not, change it and print out the next idea.

Hobbyists/DIY- Easily create your projects in the comfort of your own home.

Small Business owners- Manufacture your own products at the office!

Students- Senior engineering project coming up? Use RoBo 3D to proint the parts you need to get the job done done.

Home owners- Replace broken household items for next to nothing!


In their campaign, RoBo 3D provides a comparison matrix to the MakerBot. What jumps out the most is the price: $520 vs $2,199 for the MakerBot Replicator 2.

Robo 3D Printer vs MakerBot

Below is their Kickstarter video. Congrats to the team for raising $500K!

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  3. Chris Demas says:

    I am doing research on 3dprinters to identify the best technology before I invest in a company

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