3D Printed Parts: Sculpteo Selling Customizable iPhone 5 Adapters

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3D Printing Parts iPhone 5 Dock Adapter

3D printing may change the world in the future, but many ask what the “killer app” is today?

Sculpteo, a 3D printing marketplace, is making a push into 3D printed parts, specifically adapters and spares.

Take, for example, this customizable iPhone 5 dock adapter, compatible with a many sound systems, including:

  • BOSE SoundDock 10V2
  • Geneva Modèle Geneva Xs/M/L/XL
  • Harman-Kardon MS 150
  • Beat Beatbox portable
  • JBL On stage mirco III
  • JBL Radial micro
  • ONKYO iOnly play ABX-100
  • JBL On time micro III
  • SONY ICF.DS15 IP Silver
  • LOGITECH Pure-Fi Express plus
  • I HOME IP 15 Translucide
  • PIONEER X-HM 71-S Silver
  • YAMAHA TSX-112
  • PIONEER X-HM20 Silver
  • YAMAHA MCR-550 Silver
  • YAMAHA MCR-332 Piano
  • YAMAHA MCR-232
  • YAMAHA MCR-040
  • JVC UX-LP55
  • I HOME IP 41


In an interview with TechCrunch, Sculpteo founder Clement Moreau said, “This story and this adapter is opening a new field of 3D printed spare parts for a lot of different devices. Battery covers, clips, docks, handles … a lot of things can be lost, or become unusable because some other device changed or has been updated. We really see 3D Printing here as a way to work smoothly in a moving environment, where big companies have really good reasons to change standards from time to time.”

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