Doodle3D Kickstarter Campaign: Design on iPad and 3D Print

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Doodle3D Kickstarter 3D Printing

Doodle3D: Design on an iPad and press 3D Print

Doodle3D is a new Kickstarter campaign to help kids and adults get creative with 3D printing. Not to be confused with 3Doodler, a recent project that raised over $2MM.

What is Doodle3D?

Doodle3D is a very simple sketching tool enabling everyone to make his own drawing come to life with a 3D-printer. This way people can get familliar with the 3D printing technique not just by seeing how the printer works, but by creating something themselves! And all this without needing any knowledge of difficult 3D design programs. It’ll allow you to create that much more with your 3D printer.

How does it work?

After creating a simple line drawing on an iPad or computer the user presses ‘print’. Layer by layer the printer creates a 3D object from the 2D sketch using plastic. This way you can print out your name, a symbol, just a simple doodle or anything you like within a few minutes.

But there’s more, you can make the 3D object more than just a stack of identical layers by sculpting and rotating the object. This way you can make a nicely designed 3D object without needing to make complicated blueprints! Works great for sharing your new 3D printer with the family!

Why are we doing this?

Although low-cost 3D printers are quickly becoming more available, low-entry barrier software is still quite uncommon. Even though 3D design programs are getting more user-friendly and accessible they still form a major barrier for widespread use of this technology.

The Doodle3D software is created by Rick Companje who works at FabLab Amersfoort and is a proud owner of a 3D printer. The idea of Doodle3D came forth out of his personal experience with the entry barriers of 3D design programs.

Doodle3D WiFi Box

The Doodle3D WiFi Box is a WiFi device connecting your iPad/iPhone/laptop or other devices to your 3D printer. Simply connect the 3D printer (currently Ultimaker, open-source MakerBots, Printrbot ) to the USB port of the Doodle3D box, connect to the WiFi network and start sketching and printing in 3D.


Below is the video of the Kickstarter campaign. Doodle 3D has raised just over half of their $50,000 goal with 33 days to go.

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