You Can Now 3D Print in Bronze at Shapeways

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3D printing marketplace Shapeways is ever expanding its materials and today announced the availability to 3D print in bronze.

3D printed Bronze at Shapeways is a high-detail metal with a deep red color similar to rose gold. It has a subtle marbling effect, and the silvery highlights give each piece their own unique character.

There are two types of bronze available: raw and polished.

Raw Bronze has a rustic matte look with some rough surfaces. It is great for antique-looking objects, vintage and steampunk jewelry, functional parts, and more. Coloration may vary across a single object, and as with all Bronze it may tarnish over time, in a cool way.

Polished Bronze goes through an extensive hand polishing process to give it a super smooth, glossy finish. It is great for miniatures, precious objects, and shiny, modern jewelry.

Compare the two finishes in the photo below.

Shapeways Bronze Material 3D Printing

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As with 3D printed brass, be sure to follow the design rules so that objects will survive after being 3D printed.

Raw Bronze costs $10.00 + $16.00/cm3, while Polished Bronze costs $20.00 + $18.00/cm3. The lead time for either material is 15 business days.

Shapeways is offering a coupon code to get 10% off purchases in bronze through October 15. Use the code qferw at checkout to get the discount.

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